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    Post by Aletheia on Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:59 pm

    Ingame Nickname: Aletheia

    Age: 25

    Class: High Priest. Willing to reroll to another class if necessary--but please pick one that is low maintenance material-wise and preferably in a support role.

    Level: High 90s.

    Build: FS skill build, 90 total vit, usually around 60 base int (plus whatever hits the next heal bonus with what I‘m wearing), around 20 base str, and base dex in the mid to high 80s.
    50k resetter is my <3

    Gears (or expected final gears):
    Currently have basic PVP gear for now (feather beret, immune wool/green tidals, cranial valk, unfrozen silk, nimble gloves, hiding rosary etc.), but hope to upgrade to diabolus eventually, with noxious, green ferus, and evil druid armor to swap with. Will probably stick with the BG staff for most things, but a long mace would also be nice.

    About me: I've been playing since 2005 on almost exclusively low rate servers, and quit for a couple years in 2010. I have been an active WoE player for 95% of my RO "career," though most of it was FE. I quit about 6 months after SE came out, but I‘m pretty sure there were enough weekends in there that I‘ve gotten the jist of it, plus SE was much more hectic back then. Favorite classes are champion, professor, and high priest, in that order.

    Usual online times: Approx. 16:30-21:00 (server time) weekdays, available all day on the weekends. I have a full time job during the week.

    Do you have any experience MVPing: Ample.

    If yes, which:  I have done bio MVPs since they came out, usually as MS champion, but also as a safety waller and occasional ice waller. I have ample experience with Randgris, a couple Satan Morrocs, and a bunch of Wounded Morrocs. I did a bunch of Beelzebubs when it came out, but it’s been awhile. Have done the Sealed Shrine instance a handful of times also when it came out, but it's been a long time since I've done that, too. All of the lower tier MVPs go without saying.  Most of my experience has been with High Priest (usually safety walling) and Champion (DD or MS).

    Do you have a mic: Yes!

    Will you download/join our TeamSpeak: YES!

    Based on the class you are applying with, what do you expect to do during WoE:
    HP is pretty basic. Maintain the buffs, debuff when practical, and execute/maintain pneumas correctly. Lex aeterna judiciously (especially if no bragi is present) with emphasis targets appropriate for asura/acid demo/EDP sonic blow. Of course, defensive safety wall on the appropriate cell. (My favorite is hiding asura and generally shutting down whitesmiths, though. ;x)

    Time Zone: GMT -4 (Eastern Standard Time).

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    Post by resq on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:24 pm

    Drop by our teamspeak if you have time
    Hostname or IP:
    Ask for me (ResQ) or Nitrous

    WoE times just got announced so we are revamping our roster.
    What we were missing before was SPP and Soul Linker.
    Would you be fine playing any of those classes?
    They both run bg set and standard woe cards.

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    Post by Aletheia on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:26 pm

    Completely down for soul linker. I'll hit your TS after work. Thanks for the response.

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