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    Tan's Application Empty Tan's Application

    Post by TanLe on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:51 am

    About Yourself

    Name/IGN: Tan

    Age: 20

    Previous Servers/Guilds: Elements, SPDT, AnimaRO, RaijeRO, ForsakenRO, and others I cant remember

    Timezone: Central?


    List Available Classes for PvM runs: N/A

    MvP Experience: 10+years. I used to farm Satan Morroc daily with 2 other peopl

    **MvP Gear Needed: D.Robe, V. Shoes, Proxy, Champ Headgears?

    **Please be aware that StrongHold does not hand out MvP gear instantly. You must prove that you are reliable and must show up on several MvP runs to earn gear. Gears needed for WoE chars are a higher priority than PvM/Kawaii chars.


    WoE Class: Champ GC [MBK or Main Guild, either or]

    WoE Build (Post a ScreenShot, or use an RO Calc such as ):

    Consumables Used: +10 Str,Vit,Dex,Int, BoS, BoR, Green Pots, Blues, Whites

    Explain your Role in WoE: Kill Gypsies, Stalkers, Enemy EC. Bless/Agi frontline. Kill targets if needed.

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    Tan's Application Empty Re: Tan's Application

    Post by resq on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:58 am

    Old friend, all ready talked to him on TS
    Can't guarantee a spot in the main guild right now.


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