Application for recruitment


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    Application for recruitment Empty Application for recruitment

    Post by smartassasin on Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:45 am

    About Yourself

    Name/IGN: Ankit/ Bhayanak Maut

    Age: 24

    Previous Servers/Guilds: A lot of Indian servers

    Timezone: GMT+5.30


    List Available Classes for PvM runs: Champ, Priest, Sniper

    MvP Experience: Pretty much all including WM, Ifrit, VR. Need to polish on LHZ mvps

    **MvP Gear Needed: got them all, but a D.Robe is what im lacking


    WoE Class: Gojira told me to play EC Champ for MBK guild

    WoE Build (Post a ScreenShot, or use an RO Calc such as ):

    Consumables Used:

    Explain your Role in WoE: Basically, it's been a while since i woe'd, and WoE2.0 is definitely a challenge.

    Role: EC for MBK guild, scout around the main guild during GvGs and before, know where enemy guilds are at and kill gypsies, other champs that look to spoil the party!

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    Application for recruitment Empty Re: Application for recruitment

    Post by resq on Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:47 pm

    BAM! Accepted
    Really need mbk ec.
    I don't really care of your player skills or gear/stats. As long as you don't pull off something stupid and keep the mbk with us as much as possible I'm happy.

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