Application? for sanc.


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    Application? for sanc. Empty Application? for sanc.

    Post by Nef on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:25 am

    Ingame Nickname: no idea
      Class: SPP, DD, Gypsy, Linker
      Level: max
      Build (PvE, WoE, FS, etc. ...):
      Gears (or expected final gears):

     SPP: ILC/WCP, +3 DEX enchant, Cecil Damon cards, thorn shield/HOTB Combo / nightmare sunnies/ BG Set? / Horn
     DD: Stun Immune gear - Holy Marcher + Sunnies w/ Stal Golem, ED Valk, Proxy, DBoots, Glorious Ring, Nimble OG, Ele Sword w/ Cecils
     Gypsy: Fire Resi Gear + BG Set - Dex Enchant, Horn Valk, 3x Drops Robe of Balance 2x, incase FCP sucks -> 2x Drops/1x Golem, frilldora
     Linker: BG Set, Cecil Knife, ILC/WCP, Dex Enchant, Horn Valk, Nimble Gloves, Nightmare Sunnies

    just found 2 gearscreens from old servers:

      SPP Creator - 149/150 dex - depends on ping, 100 Vit for silence immune, rest agi
      DD Creator - 99 dex / 99 int / 25 agi + foods etc
      Gypsy - 97 Vit, 150~dex - rest Agi
      Linker - 99 Dex / 97 Vit - Rest Agi

      About me:
      (i.e. how long have you been playing Ragnarok, most favorite class, etc.)
      since 2005, Gypsy couple of years, Linker a few months, DD / SPP in 2006-2007 on qro - grinding BG usually with DD/Gypsy
      HP, Songs / DD as MVP Support

      Usual online times: no idea. depends on my schedules
      (24h format ; in GMT+1 or PST Server Time)

      Do you have any experience MVPing: yes
      If yes, which: high end - nydd - ifrit - beelz - great bapho, Thanatos etc, abra stuff, endless tower/cellar,
      Do you have a mic: yes
      (Speaking is not required)
      Will you download/join our Ventrilo: done already

      Based on the class you are applying with, what do you expect to do during WoE:
      (Who do you kill, who do you support, what is your role, etc.)

     SPP frontline - supportive - keeps frontline alive - as dd's / OLP etc - FCP - berserk pitch
     SPP backline - supportive - keeps backline alive - as DLP / Pallies etc - FCP - berserk pitch
     DD - offensive - focus on vit chars (not DDHWS/DD Creaos)in frontline or on people who run wild (Paladins out of their stack)  - dont run suicide - keeping with stack, FCP
     SG Gypsy - supportive - sneaky slowgrace - dazzler - tarot if needed
     Linker - Kaite/Kaupe Spam - I guess kaizel will be disabled? - refreshing links

      Don't know your time zone?
      GMT+1 - Mid Europe

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    Application? for sanc. Empty Re: Application? for sanc.

    Post by resq on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:29 am

    Hi neffi <3

    Kizel will probably not work in woe here.
    Umm.. do the Sancticy Signup for the classes that you are interested in
    currently need: SPP and Soul Linkers the most.


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    Application? for sanc. Empty Re: Application? for sanc.

    Post by KeishaGIRL on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:52 am

    Nef<3 ACCEPT

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    Application? for sanc. Empty Re: Application? for sanc.

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