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    Orb - paladin Empty Orb - paladin

    Post by Bio_Orb on Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:57 pm

    Ingame Nickname: Arceus ( Orb )
    Class: Paladin
    Level: N/A
    Build (PvE, WoE, FS, etc. ...): 99 Dex/ 99 Vit / Either 25 agi or 25 str depending on availability of @storage or gym pass
    Gears (or expected final gears):

                                              Top: Victorious Coronet / Japser Crest (nightmare)
                                              Mid: Sunnies (nightmare)/ robo eye
                                              Bottom: Well chewed pencil
                                              Armor: +3 Dex Bg armor  Marc/ED
                                              Shield: +7 Bradium shield ( Horn/Thara )
                                              Garment: BG Garment (nox)
                                              Footgear: BG Footwear (Green frus)
                                              Accessory: 2x Orlean's (zerom) 1x Orlean's ( smokie)

    (Post screenshot or unlock gears in game)

    About me:since the first EuphRO ( you give me the year cause im too old to remember ) Ill play any class for parties really ( will need practice to play HP though... those puema's)
    (i.e. how long have you been playing Ragnarok, most favorite class, etc.)

    Usual online times:
    (24h format ; in GMT+1 or PST Server Time)

    Do you have any experience MVPing:
    If yes, which: yes I have experience ( mostly on paladin/clown/prof) Best to just include who I havent done: nydds, did SM once

    Do you have a mic: yesh
    (Speaking is not required)
    Will you download/join our Ventrilo: Im in that bitch right now

    Based on the class you are applying with, what do you expect to do during WoE:
    (Who do you kill, who do you support, what is your role, etc.) Stay In the middle of the stack and devo the shit out of the DD and support players that are assigned to me, knowing that if I leave the stack or lp that I will be punished and sentenced to death.

    Don't know your time zone? EST
    Check out this website to find it out:

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