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    Post by Nitrous on Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:15 pm

    Ingame Nickname: Nitrous
    Class: DD HW
    Level: 99/70
    Build and Gears:
    About me: A really long time. WoEd for a bunch of WoE guilds (1hp, blitzkrieg, king me, xo)

    Usual online times: During summer almost all day every day, WoE times on other servers excluded
    (24h format ; in GMT+1 or PST Server Time)

    Do you have any experience MVPing: Yes, all of them

    Do you have a mic: Yes

    Will you download/join our Ventrilo: Yes

    Based on the class you are applying with, what do you expect to do during WoE: Spam MS, JT a targeted prof when I can, don't misclick, and be in midline.

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