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    Alcatraz FS Prof app Empty Alcatraz FS Prof app

    Post by Alcatraz on Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:46 pm

    Ingame Nickname: Alcatraz
    Class: Proff
    Level:?? server hasnt opened, 99/70?
    Build (PvE, WoE, FS, etc. ...): 97 vit 99 dex rest str
    Gears (or expected final gears): ILC/nightmare sunnies/gpipe or dex.
                                              +2 or 3 dex BG armor with ed/marc
                                              CK and cranial valk shield
                                              Noxious bg mant./ gferus bg boots
                                              2x zerom/1 smokie OG's
                                             (On side note im okay with using Yellow bandana/horn card if needed)
    (Post screenshot or unlock gears in game)

    About me: Played since 2006-07, have alot of pvm experience. Have alot of woe SE experience.
                  Prof is my favorite woe class its a challenge its fun.
                  Ive tried other classes and they are fun if they keep you busy out of your mind.
                  Ill stick with a guild until its very end and ill help in just about any way possible if asked for.
    (i.e. how long have you been playing Ragnarok, most favorite class, etc.)

    Usual online times: im on the eastern coast US. usually online almost everyday till 12am or so
    (24h format ; in GMT+1 or PST Server Time)

    Do you have any experience MVPing:
    If yes, which: Every mvp, too many runs to keep track of it's just a method of getting gear.

    Do you have a mic:
    (Speaking is not required)
    Will you download/join our Ventrilo: Yes. I vent-leaded woe.

    Based on the class you are applying with, what do you expect to do during WoE:

    During us moving out as a guild I will dispell/web gypsies, champs etc so they can be taken care of immediately.
    While we approach the guild slowly I will try to stack with the other creo's/prof's so its harder for them to focus us.
    Upon engagement I will dispell closest High priority target so they would die without devo in no mans land.
    Mainly creos, High wizards, and profs occasionaly the random pally frontliner.
    Dispells will have to be coordinated with creos to focus fire targets. Wall of fogs also help.
    Upon enemy guild losing thier structure I will OLP and we will wipe them.
    (Who do you kill, who do you support, what is your role, etc.)

    Don't know your time zone?
    Check out this website to find it out: GMT 4:00

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