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    Naeni's Application Empty Naeni's Application

    Post by Dacerbity on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:18 am

    About Yourself

    Name/IGN: Miranda, Naeni, Dacerbity, Meru, Merbity, and more.

    Age: 100

    Previous Servers/Guilds: X-RO, Evolve-RO, WoE-RO, forgot the rest / Guilds: Access Denied (AD), Defiance, 1HP, forgot the others.

    Timezone: Pacific Ocean. GMT-7


    List Available Classes for PvM runs: Soul Linker, Wizard, Prof (Currently)

    MvP Experience: Nid, Bee, Satan, ET's Bosses, Ifrit, (Thor OG hunting),Giant Bapho, Fallen Bishop, Valk Rand, and Mastering (troll Very Happy)

    MvP Gear Needed: Who the eff needs mvp gears. jk, no i dont need it with the current classes ill play, unless i need it ill ask.


    WoE Class: What is highly needed? I am applying for sl or fs hw.

    WoE Build (Post a ScreenShot, or use an RO Calc such as ): I played an sl as lv 86, naked, and didnt stun,freeze, nor stone at all in woe today. I can give my build information after i finish my gears. Smile

    Consumables Used: Recommending to GM's +10 Foods non dispel on death. I eat lays ketchup potato chips during woe to increase my damage input on my KEYBOARD? no nvm. the eff? ROYAL Jellies, CONDENSE, Light Blues, and matts needed for class.

    Explain your Role in WoE:
    As SL: Link classes that need link, dancer,clown, dd hw, zerk creators,  and other sl's, unless instructed to sl sinx to go melee on porings from other guilds which we can kill with a single attack huehuehue, oh and pay attention to commands from leader, co-leaders, think wise where to place characters, play like a pro should, spam kaupe either party list, or if not enough linkers, kaupe/kaite spam front liners, support mbk with kaite and kaupe when they are going in main guild. basically PLAY SMART.

    As FS HW:: Poke holes in enemies LP, focus on where most spells are landing to increase damage factor, dont front line on this class ever, cast LOV, fire pillars, and quagmire to counter fuck the gypsies going in main guild. PLAY it SMART.

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    Post by resq on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:29 am

    Looking for a second linker. Might re-roll a dd hw to fs so I think we got that covered.

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    Post by keri on Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:33 pm

    Dacerbity wrote:I eat lays ketchup potato chips during woe

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